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Tim Kelley LMT, NCR

Tim Kelley is the Owner and Senior Therapist at LifeCare Massage.

Tim feels that massage is a medium that allows for healing to take place on all levels.  He believes strongly in providing a place where individuals will feel not only relaxed, but also feel as though they have been healed.

Tim made the decision to enter into massage after suffering from a career-ending injury.  When faced with the knowledge that he would need to change what he did for a living, Tim underwent some extensive soul searching.  In the end, Tim came back to a dream he had, to work in helping people.

Tim's decision to use the modality of massage came from his holistic approach to healing.  He came to understand from his own rehabilitation that there were several people along the way who helped him to heal -- not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Tim has been a Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) for the past 19+ years. In that time he has maintained top notch industry standards, American Massage Therapy Association affiliation, and a strong clientele.