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LifeCare Massage is grateful to have so many wonderful Clients. Here are some of the things they have to say! For More reviews, please visit  LifeCare Massage ,Google,Bing


"Tim has been working on my stressed, stiff body for a couple years now, and I couldn't be happier with his expertise. He clearly did not learn human anatomy solely to pass his tests and obtain certification--he applies that knowledge regularly to identify problems and know how to best resolve those problems.

I initially saw Tim for an extremely painful neck/shoulder. I am now essentially free of that pain and rarely think about it, accomplished though a combination of his therapy and stretches and exercises that he recommended. More recently, I suddenly developed incredible knee pain and was worried about ligament or meniscus damage to that knee. I decided to give it few weeks to see if it would get better with TLC and a few strengthening exercises before visiting a sports doc. When I saw Tim, he went through a quick battery of tests and felt it may simply be a problem with a tight IT band. I was admittedly skeptical, but he worked that IT band for two sessions over one week, and I had a pain-free sleep and absolutely no knee pain the morning after the second session. Two days later, I keep forgetting that my knee was bothering me.

Keep in mind LifeCare's massage therapy sessions are not relaxing massages. The goal is to get as deep into the musculature as necessary to loosen up and balance your body. Focusing on the IT bands was definitely not comfortable, but I don't think there is any way to work on an IT band without some discomfort--being pain-free afterwards was worth every bit of pain from the therapy sessions.

Tim is very good at being up front with his clients when they should see other specialists for problems he does not think he can resolve or for which he recommends additional screens/tests, and he has a good network with several local specialists. LifeCare is also currently expanding to offer additional services, which looks to be very promising."



"Tim (the owner and chief massage therapist at Lifecare) is a professional and expert in his field. I am continually impressed both by his expertise about the body and its muscle groups, as well as his technique and effectiveness. Tim charges a premium price, but you get a premium service - this is therapy intended to heal your body. While I am sure he could do a relaxing "spa" massage, his specialty is therapies that enable you to function and overcome obstacles such as injuries, bad posture, or stress."


"Nearly instant gratification. Working in a completely sedentary type position, one day I woke up with severe (very painful!) kink in my neck. Completely in able to move my head to the right, I immediately reached out to Tim at Lifecare for his recommendation. He had immediately recommended I go see a chiropractor to take care of any sort of structural misalignment and then without delay come see him afterwards to work on the soft tissue. Fortunately for me, he had an opening in his otherwise well booked calendar. After the chiropractor there was some relief, but my neck was still very irritated. So I followed direction and made my way onto his table where, with no better way to describe, Tim worked his therapeutic magic and completely regained my range of motion in my neck. This all happened in a matter of 2-3 days just in time that I didn't have to cancel my weekend snowboarding trip. Tim is very professional, knowledgeable, and personable I would highly recommend his healing services to anyone in need. Finally, a BIG thanks to Tim at Lifecare for the quick and smart guidance that lead to my instant pain relief and putting me back on track to tackle the essential activities that help me balance the sedentary-ness of my profession."
- Korry


"Great Massage Therapist. I tend to have a lot of stiffness in my neck and upper back. I get great results in relieving that stiffness, including improved mobility, by working with Tim. I have tried several massage therapists in the area but I get the best results from Tim. I would highly recommend him."
- Meg


"I HAVE MY LIFE BACK. I had lived in constant debilitating pain following a misdiagnosed and failed knee replacement for eight years that robbed my of my active life style until I found Tim. Tim was determined to work on my knee and to get to the bottom of the problem. Through Tim's hard work, determination and contacts, I now live a much better and more pain free active life style that I had given up on ever having again.

Tim works concentrates on the "issue" parts of your body, but addresses you as a whole. He does very deep massage and gets results because he has the strength, dedication and desire to see better results from his work. He has a sincere desire to help those that haven't been able to achieve results from anyone else. He doesn't take a "let's see what happens approach", but addresses the problem head on.

My problem was very complicated after seeing many doctors and having several surgeries. Tim wasn't daunted about my prognosis. He wanted to get to the heart of the problem and he was able to refer me to specialists specific to my problem areas. To make a long story short, he enabled me to get the correct diagnosis and then he has proceeded to improve my flexibility and wellness. I also have a much better neck and mobility because of him. I feel like I have a new life to live again.

I cannot recommend Tim high enough for what he has done for me."
- Sharon