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Welcome to the LifeCare Therapeutic Massage & Health Clinic website! We are happy to say that we have recently expanded and have given the clinic a great renovation! Visit our Online Scheduling page to take a look at open times on our calendar!

 Voted "Best In Redmond Washington"Therapeutic Massage" & Health Clinic Since 2012!  

Massage Therapy can help to improve, solve and maintain many physical and mental ailments.

Massage therapy can:

Improve sleep quality

Relieve and treat migraine and tension headaches

Relieve mental and physical fatigue
Encourage relaxation
Decrease muscle pain and spasm

Speed Up Recovery Pre-op/post-op Surgeries

Reduce ScarTissue
Stimulate healing of muscle injuries
Increase flexibility
Increase range of motion
Reduce muscular stress and soreness
Eliminate toxins from muscles
Improve circulation
Improve the immune system
Increase sense of well being
Increase quality of life
Reduce swelling caused by injuries
Increase body acceptance
 Decrease constipation, etc.